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Trey Johnson
United States
I'm just really cool, i like to cook, draw, and other stufff. Also friends with ~Tiggy Ty~
Update! =) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Hello to whomever this may concern. That guy on the other island is dangerous. Whatever you do don't trust him. Also, one of the three people on this island is not trustworthy. Find out who it is and confine him. Hint of advice. He'll try to kill you.
I would get building. Otherwise the monsters will kill you. Use your resources sparingly. Protect those seeds with your life. If you die from natural causes, IT IS PERMANENT! NO SECOND CHANCES! NO 1-UPS! NO PASS GO! DON'T COLLECT $200! Anyway, you have five nights and six days until the monsters start coming at night. Sunlight kills them. Build a sturdy house. You survive 6 nights, monsters gone forever .Days last 1 hour, nights 30 minutes. Over pretty quick, but some monsters will get in. Snakes, shadows. 6 nights of Hurricanes. Pretty intense, rain, snow, hail, heavy winds, all those put together the 5th night and same as the 5th but twice as bad. 6 days of flu. Watch out for the devil's servant. His names Herobrine. Soulless eyes, menacing face. Cloak He'll try to kill you, so kill him first.
Good luck -ISRAPHEL

There is a spot on the page covered in blood. It's dark and smells horrible even a foot away from my face.
"We need a house, quick." I exclaim as I grab the bricks in the chest. Hubble builds immediately, but Wheatly refuses.
"Why should we? We're gonna die anyway!" Wheatly folds his arms in arrogance.
I convince him by telling him about the monsters coming tomorrow night. The house is built quickly, and we get the survival equipment and get inside. I make up a lie to get Hubble excited about fighting.
"Hubble I had a dream. I think it was a sign. You are a space cop and we need you to fight the space pirates that get inside! If they don't get inside, ignore them! " Hubble lights up and grabs a sword.
"Time to fulfill my destiny, as a space deputy! I will protect this place with my life!" A few seconds later, we hear loud noises. They have arrived. We all grab a sword. Snakes slowly slither inside. Hubble kills with finesse. If you count swinging randomly at every moving thing. Monsters are roaring as they try to get inside. Hubble slices everything in sight. Shadows, snakes, wolves, vultures, you name it. We here monsters screaming in pain outside. The suns coming up. A few minutes later, we go outside. All the monsters are gone. We add a layer to the house, repeat. Until the 6th night when no monsters appear. We hear the sound of wings. Hubble's sword drops.
"We need to get underground. Go!" We all run to our tiny bunker, with our items. As soon as the trapdoor closes, there is a gigantic thud. We run outside and see our house is shattered. All of a sudden, a giant claw comes to grab Wheatly. Hubble stabs the dragon's hand, but it is too late. Wheatly and the dragon are gone. Hubble starts to run after it, but it's out of sight in seconds. Hubble collapses to the ground.
"I'm sorry Wheatly. I wasn't able to stop him." Hubble walks to the edge of the island, sits down and starts crying. I start walking towards him, but I decide not to. After rebuilding the hut, I start planting the seeds. Hubble walks up behind me when I'm done. If you didn't know he was crying, you would think someone left hooked his eye.


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